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Ch. Slo, Cro, Int, Vet Jogini Arki Chembo 6.10.1997 – 12.8.2012

“He is able who thinks he is able” Buddha


Arki was the only male in our A litter. In the beginning he lived with my mother, but when he got constant cold, I took him to my place. Our vet found out, that he had no chronically illness, but Arytenoid Cartilage. Luckily it’s not hereditary and after operation Arki is a healthy dog. He become a Slovenian, Croatian and International Champion. More than shows, he enjoys agility classes and competitions. Even car accident after which he stayed without one of the hip bone, did not stop him. It takes 3 years to recover and he’ll be never able to run as fast as before the accident, but he just loves agility. From him I learned that “everything is in a head” and start using Buddha’s slogan: “He is able, who thinks he is able”. He was very good friend and helped raising Demi as a pup. At the end, he showed me, how to say: Goodbye. Miss you mine Boy and hope you are having fun among Rainbow dogs.

High: 38 cm
Weight: 8 kg
Agility exam A3