Chamdo and Mici puppies are 5 weeks old

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On 15th August 3 little puppies were born. Father is our Chamdo (Jogini Chamdo Dge-Lha) and mother Mici ( My jag-poo Gyantso). Little ones are developing well and growing into friendly, playful puppies.    

Run means fun

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  Agility and jumping runs from Jogini TT gang today. It was about fun, for all of us.      

Time to brag

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Demi won 2nd place among all veterans at CACIB Rogla. Chamdo got CAC and Cini is progressing at Hooper’s training.      

Orange gang – Ambasadorji nasmeha

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After successfully passing three training modules with Cini, we passed the final exam and gained the title Work pair for activities. We both enjoyed the training, learned a lot of new things and got to know some very good people … Continued

I race with my Heart

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Cini and I  enter 1st International competition: it was in Slovenia and I just want to know, how it is entering such a competition. We had fun. First day was very hot and Cini was three times to cool down … Continued


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It has been quite a long time since we did last hiking. But spring started, it was a sunny day and we decide to see views from Nanos. It was a great decision. We all enjoy it.

8 weeks

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Dor, Debi and Ira are eight weeks old. They were vaccinated, we had car drive and farewell party at Eleath. Now they are rady to move to new homes. Love you to the moon back, my little ones <3   … Continued