A2 here we come

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‘Sometimes You win, sometimes You learn’ Silvia Trkman used to say. Cini and me are more among those who constantly learn, learn, and learn again. Today, however, learning has paid off. Two clean runs and fulfilled conditions for A2 class. … Continued

4 months already

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The puppies are 4 months old and have been in with their families for almost two months. Gal, Gari, Athos (Gusi) and Gigi attend a puppy class Gala, Gora, Gari and Gigi have been at sea. All of them are … Continued

Eight weeks – ready to go

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Puppies are ready to move into new homes. We practised walking on a leash, took a visit to Gary’s family, practised calm behaviour, and repaired equipment in the veterinary office during vaccinations and chipping. The credit for the pictures goes … Continued

Six weeks already

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Our G puppies are six weeks old. We had big plans for this week activities, however, they and Cini got diarrhoea, so plans turned in a different direction. We still had fun, what is most important and learn a few … Continued

One months old

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  Puppies are one month old. They play with toys and each other. Every day a new toy or object is introduced to them. I take one by one out of the litter and take around a bit. We start … Continued

Transitional period

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Puppies are between the 15th and 21st day in a so-called transition period. It started when they open eyes, strat tearing and moving around. They tried the first food meat with goat milk and were outside in the sun.

Neonatal period

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Puppies are two weeks old. They start opening their eyes, crawling, cuddling and vocalising to express their mood. 10 days One week  

G litter

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Cini delivers her first litter on Saturday,  28th of March.  She delivered six vital puppies. The father of G litter is  Nor Chen Po Gyantso and mother Ch. Jogini Ci Ni Dge Lha. Both parents have done all breeding tests. … Continued