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Rombon Lho-La Lamleh 2.8.1996 – 12.1.2015

“My soul mate”



Lola is typical TT representative, medium sized, robust, long haired dog, loyal to her family and reserved to strangers. She is out cross of Swedish and US lamleh lines. Lola meant to be foundation bitch in our small kennel, but she has only one litter of 5 healthy typical puppies. Fortunately her breather ad other KTP members used her offspring for further breeding combinations. Thanks to them I am having today at home her grand, granddaughter. Lola was mine agility partner for 12 years. She run in A3 class and last two years in veterans. At the age of 13 she retired from competitions and helps me learn “clicker shaping” process. Even now, at the age of 15 she is keen to go for a walks, play with Demi and eat threats. She has special place in mine heart.

Color: black & white
Height: 39 cm
Bite: reverse scissors
HD: A1 / A1
Agility: A3 exam


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