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Pingsha Tibaraki  (16.12. 1993 – 13.2.2000)


Pina was   with its 34.5 cm height at the wither the smallest I’ve ever seen.

She was spoiled and  independent. She accompanied us everywhere, to the sea and on skiing.

Pina was the mother of our A litter, with  four beautiful pups.

When her pup Arki got ill and had to be constantly taken to the vet, I took him to Ljubljana and Pina has moved to mine mother in Maribor. Here she took the place of the single and most spoiled dog in the household. Our visits were always very happy, but when we went back, he prefers to be safe hidden in the mum’s living room. She often arrived in Ljubljana on holiday, but the most she like to be with mine mother. Unfortunately, the idyll lasted only a year. Pina died unexpectedly only 7 years old. When she was taking one of the walks with mine mum, she was unexpectedly attacked by a German shepherd. While she was on a leash, mine mum manage to hold her in her arms and the dog bite her and mum. Shepherd owner took mum and Pina to vets, but it was too late.

A woman who adopted her bitch from the shelter, filled terribly sorry for that could not help. Pina crossed the Rainbow bridge much to early.