Commerce online stores Jogini.com is aligned with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), on the basis of the Law on Electronic Commerce (EPT-UPB2) and on the basis of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). The Company has not adopted a specific code of conduct.


provider is MABAT INT trading company ltd, Chapels 2, 8258 Chapels., Slovenia; tax code SI52454584; Registration Number: 5329515000

User is a person who uses our system, thus a buyer at online store

Online shop is an information system dedicated to the presentation and sale of products to the user


Upon registration at our online store, visitors acquire a username, which is equal to its e-mail and password chosen by himself. Your username and password unambiguously define and connect with the completed data. After registration, the visitor becomes a user and acquires the right to purchase. General terms of operation of the online stores Jogini.com, user rights and business relationship between the provider and the customer.


The provider is committed to customer always provide the following information:

corporate identity (name and place of business, register number)

contact addresses, enabling fast and efficient communication (e-mail, phone)

the essential characteristics of the goods or services (including after-sales services and guarantees)

availability of products (each product or service that is offered on the website should be available within a reasonable period)

delivery of a product or service execution (method, place and time of delivery)

all prices must be clearly and unambiguously defined, it must be clear whether they contain taxes and transport costs

method of payment and delivery

validity of the offer

the period within which it is possible to withdraw from the contract and for withdrawal; moreover, about whether and how much it costs the buyer to return the product

the process must be elucidated on appeal, including all the information on the contact person or department for contacts with customers


When the user selects a product or products and by a certificate on the button BUY contract is awarded to him online shop automatically “generated – created” and sends an e-mail with the details of the contract (products, price, quantity, user data …). About the further process of the buyer is informed by email. In the event that the customer has any questions can contact us at jasna.poznic@mabat-int.si.


All prices on the website Jogini.com are with VAT.

Right to cancel the purchase, return BLAGAPotrošnik has the right to company within 14 days in writing to withdraw from the contract. If the goods have been received and withdraws from the contract, return it or hand them over to the company immediately and no later than 14 days after the notice of withdrawal from the contract. It is considered that in time the consumer returns the goods where it sent before expiry of the 14 day period for a refund.

The consumer in connection with the cancellation of the contract only covers the cost of returning the goods. The goods must be returned intact and in the same quantity.

If the consumer returns the goods received within the deadline for withdrawal (that is, 14 days from receipt of the goods) shall be the date of return to the message of withdrawal. Products must be unused, undamaged and in original packaging.

Refund payments will be made as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after receipt of notice of withdrawal from the treaty (enclose the bank account). The Company may in accordance with paragraph 5 43d. Article ZVPot withhold the refund of payments received to accept goods back, or the consumer has supplied evidence that he sent back the goods, unless the company the opportunity to just take the goods destined for the return. Recovery attach a copy of the invoice and warranty, and are also required to form for withdrawal.


Provider shall issue an invoice on a durable medium (including statutory VAT), broken down by cost and notice the user how to withdraw from the purchase and how to return the product. The user has the option to pay the ordered goods on delivery


For products on stock and the supply of goods 3-5 working days in other cases up to 15 days. For products that are not in stock the delivery period to 15 days from receipt of order. In case of a longer delivery date we will be informed about the delivery period by email or by phone.


Provider of the goods or services promised to deliver in time. When delivered, the user must provide additional information concerning the right of withdrawal, in particular the conditions and manner of implementation of the right itself. It must ensure that all necessary information regarding the address where the user can contact in case of complaints and information concerning warranties and service and other services after the completion of the contract.

Delivery costs are calculated according to the following criteria:

· € 10 for orders with weight less than 1kg for all EU markets

Delivery of ordered products in the working week from Monday to Friday, such as seen with the product and mail, order confirmation and order COMPLETED AND SENT. Saturday delivery is carried out at the user’s request and an additional charge.

Clerical error

A clerical error, in practice, very rare. Customers have the option to register and exercise their rights under this title if you think that the purchased products at the time of the acquisition did not have the qualities that are necessary for their normal use or transport and in other cases by as a clerical error, the Law on Consumer Protection, and let us correctly and at the latest within two months from the date when the mistake was discovered, please.

You may request that:

Free eliminate clerical error on the product or

back part of the amount paid in proportion to a clerical error or

product clerical error replaced with a new faultless goods or

return the entire amount paid.

We deliver product review. Please attach the minutes of that product.


Apply to the purchase price at the time of order confirmation. All prices include VAT, purchase of VAT is not possible. Prices in the online store may be changed without notice. The prices apply only for purchases in www.jogini.com online store.


The provider uses the appropriate technological and organizational means to protect the transmission and storage of personal data, contracts and payments.


The user should contact the provider through means of distance communication only if at first does not explicitly object.


Contract concluded between a supplier and a user is permanently stored in the company MABAT INT trading company ltd, Chapels 2, 8258 Chapels.

Commercial electronic messages must include the following elements:

clearly and unambiguously marked as advertisements

the sender must be clearly visible

various campaigns, promotions and other marketing techniques must be marked as such. They must also be clearly defined participation in them.

user desire not to receive promotional messages, it should be respected


Provider respects the existing consumer protection legislation. The landlord must place an effective system for dealing with complaints and designate a person, which, in case of problems, the customer can connect the phone or by e-mail. The procedure for submitting complaints must be made available on web sites, easy to use and confidential. The tenderer shall within five working days to confirm that it has received a complaint, communicated to the purchaser how long it will be dealt with and kept informed of the proceedings. The provider is aware of the essential characteristics of consumer dispute, at least as far as solving the case, its disproportion between the economic value of the claim and the costs incurred in resolving the dispute. It is also a major barrier to the consumer to initiate proceedings before the court. Therefore, providers should use their best endeavors to resolve any disputes amicably.

MABAT INT trading company ltd, Kapele 2, 8258 Kapele, Slovenia

T +386 41754385 jasna.poznic@mabat-int.si