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Ch. De-Miy Dratang  Dgelha

“Everything is beautiful; very, very beautiful”
Beatrix Potter

Demi was  the most friendly and happy TT I ever seen. By her opinion all animals and people were friendly and ready to play or have fun. She was real ambassador of Potters theorem that “Everything is beautiful; very, very beautiful”. Than unleashed border female attacked her at the age of three, when she was on leash, waiting on her agility training.  Since then she  is reserved to other dogs, but her love to human beings stays unchanged.

Her father comes from native TT lines, imported directly from Tibet and mine Lola is her grand grandmother. Demi is  mine agility partner, we also try working with sheeps and nose work, but the most important, she  succeeded Lola in breeding terms and give us great C litter.

Color: three-color
Height: 41 cm
Bite: reverse scissors
HD:  B / B
Weight: 11 kg

NCL – ATH test clear

PRA3 – ATH test clear

PLL – ATH test clear

RCD4 – ATH test clear