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This is the probably the longest post, you will read in this Blog, however I have to tell how all started, at least to have somewhere written when I’ll be too old to remember everything about mine dogs, and special people in mine life. So it it there, if you get boring, no harm, rather go and watch the rest of posts with pictures 🙂



Barry was mine first dog.

A Poodle with something, or better someone, most probably Fox Terrier. I got him, when I was twelve, after years of convincing mine parents, why I need a dog.  They never had a dog before, only mine father wanted one as a child, but was not allowed to get it. So he was a weaker part during negotiations and when the bitch of his good friend delivered a litter, he decides that we will take one.

When puppies were a few weeks old, we went for a visit. We were suppose to select one of them and I fell in love the with the smallest puppy in the litter, called Mali (small), however mine younger sister preferred the biggest, black one with red moustache and some white marks. They call him Huntek (doggy in German).  We just could not find consensus which one to choose and she got hysteric. So in the end decision was done and Huntek belong to us.

After coming home, we decide to find a proper name for him. We took Kinolog magazine and start reading names of published litters. No one sound just proper for him. At the end we decide for  Bari, but mine father said, it should be with 2 x R and Y in the end. So our new family member was known as Barry for next 16 years of his life.

When we brought him home a few weeks later, he acts like small puppies do, pee around, chew everything available and play with us. None of our family members did have a clue about raising a puppy. Mum wanted to give him back to the breeder and actually he would take him , while his mother Cina tragically died in car accident, but mine father did not want to hear about that. Luckily, while I was so tired of my mum panicking, especially after chewing radio cable, when she shouted that our ignorance will kill him….

So Barry stayed with non ordinary human family.  Also his walks were on a list of non-ordinary things. We made a schedule for walking him, while we all wanted to do it. At the end mornings belonged to mine dad, early afternoon to mine sister, late afternoon to myself and evening walk to all three of us and  Barry.  Mum skipped walking, but she was responsible for cooking his meals.

I will never forget mine first walk with him, I was actually caring him and meet reputable breeder Mr. Komocar, walking his brown Poodle ladies. “What do you have, show me, ” he asked after seeing a pup. ” This is mine Poodle” I proudly answered. ” No, that is not a Poodle, it is a bastard”, he told and made me very, very sad. How can anybody call mine puppy bastard? Even, if I was already aware that those red moustache has nothing in common with a Poodle.

Anyhow, Barry grow and we start to train him.  I had two books as a guidance of mine Cynologique development; an old book of “World dog breeds” and book of Mr. Miroslav Zidar, Moj pes (My dog).  On top of that we were accompanied with a group of  similar enthusiastic friends with a  Newfoundlander David, Two collies Eka and Dingo,  mix breed Floki and  Briard Eros.  The world or more detailed Maribor park and surroundings were ours. We teach our dogs all basic obedience by Zidar book. We teach them retrieving and a small Barry was  retrieving regular  dumbbell  like a big, working dog.

He loved to escape after bitches in season, but he always manage to come home without any injuries. It still  make me sick just to remember about how we cross 2 roads from the park to our house  and bark until we did not come from our apartment in the second floor and pick him up. Do not think that we did not search for him, but he just never showed up. Once he did not come till the evening. We already went to beds and I was crying so much, that mine father get dressed and we went to the park and start calling him. Immediately after calling his name, two happy dogs come to me, a Chow-chow and a Boxer… Barry needed a bit more time to come and yeah,  this time he was happy to see us.

One of another not so pleasant characteristic of his character was also biting people. He liked to go to the  supermarket with me and wait in front of the store. People who pass by  liked to say, how cute boy he is and pet hip. He looked all kind and wagged his tail until I did not come out of the store. After that he immediately jump and barked or pinch the person who petted him before.

He was mine best friend and  knew when I feel badly as teenagers did sometimes. When I did not pas exams for gymnasium and I needed to transfer mine documents to secondary computer school, he was the one, who walk with me through whole city without being on a leash, wait in front of both schools (did not bite anybody that time) and went home with me, where we lay down in a bed where I hug him and cry…. when mine parent came home the event was almost forgotten and it turns out that computer school was a very good choice in the end.

At age of 7 he got glaucoma and while I was studying in Ljubljana during that time, I took him to Vet University Clinic.  They remove one eye and after, we went for regular tests each month.  Unfortunately Barry got glaucoma on second eye and vets advise me that is the best, we put him asleep. I could not believe, that they were able to say something like that. “Why am I taking him for regular health check each month, if you are not able to do anything?”, I asked. “Well it is not a fun life with a blind dog and he is not old”, was the answer from their side.  Of course I did not do what they suggested, I took Barry home and my father, who was a  “human” doctor agreed with local vet to assist him by operating Barry. They manage to save his eye, Barry got blind, but it did not influence of quality of his life,  he could not chase doggies ladies and bite people, but he had another 8 years of dissent life to follow.

Barry  is also responsible that I got to a Tibetan Terries. Once I had a coffee with mine old friend and one of  her friends  joined us, with her dog, called Nyba.  She was small black, shaggy dog looks pretty much the same as non-clipped Barry. So I told her, how nice cross-breed doggy  she has. Could not do anything worse. “That is a Tibetan Terrier and not a bastard”, she told me. “They cost 1000 Deutsch Mark” and it is not easy to get one”.

At this moment I knew that at one point I will get one, a Tibetan Terrier and  I was already addicted 🙂

But somebody has to be “guilty”  and took responsibility about that I wanted a dog so badly. Mine aunt told me, that I wanted a dog since she remember and actually that she bought her first Aierdale Terrier because of me. Somehow I do not believe that completely, I think she had me just for an excuse, but anyhow, when I was 6 she got her first dog, called Zak. You can see all 3 of us on the picture below. The flower in Zak ass is a prove that we were not normal already a long time ago…

Zak was a “proper” dog. First he has a small dog house and lived outside of the humans house, but as years passed and he lived nearly 14 years, he started to move in. When I visit my grandparents, he used to come in front of mine room attic and started breed so loudly that I woke up and let him into the room, where he jumped on mine bed and slipped peaceful as long as I did. He loved to chase birds, chickens and fight with other dogs. Due to that reasons, he was more or less on the leash during the walks, but while he was strong and fast, he manage to escape several times.

Once I took him for a walk and mine mother and sister accompanied us.  We just went back home, when we meet a Doberman, his No 1 enemy. Zak pooled on a leash and  I fall down on the floor. He literally drag me on the other side of the road, but I did not want to loose his leash. Mine mum did not get a clue what was going on and shouted: ” What are you doing? Are you crazy? You have a new coat and are lying on the floor! Get up, immediately! ” I remember telling her, that I will, but she needs to hold Zak’s leash. Of course she did not not manage to do it and Zak pulled her to the Doberman, she even broke on of her high heels. Doberman owner did not manage to stop his dog, actually I remember him holding his dogs for back legs, dog was biting  Zak on his throat and Zak was still growling. I thought that Doberman will kill him and as I remember we all screamed…. luckily the lady who leaved in the house in front of which fight happen was more reasonable. She came outside with a big bucked of called water and pour it over dogs.  Doberman left Zak and somehow we manage to drag him home. Fortunately he recoverd soon and he did not learn anything from that lesson. He was still keen fighting dogs and chasing animals. And he loved his human gang, so bad that I wanted to have an Aierdale Terrier too, and wanted to stay most time in Ljubljana by mine grandparents, aunty and Zak. Maribor where mine parents moved, was not interested place for me at all, until the day, where mine mum made one of her biggest mistake (according her opinion) and introduce me to strange lady, called Ms. Zorka.


Mrs. Zorka was an extraordinary lady with a big heart for animals.

Her family owned the house in the centre of Maribor  and when 2nd world war was over, the new the new government implement “privatisation” and took the house away from them.  They left with two apartments, one for Zorka’s mum  and another for Zorka. When we moved into the apartment on the second floor, Zorka had a Chow chow called Biba. Biba was not a sort of Chow you see on today’s exhibitions, but a moderate, functional dog.  Zorka and Biba, very often accompanied with Biba’s brother Taj, went each day around noon into the City park. Zorka took with her walnuts and non salted peanuts. With  the first one she feed squirrels and with the second  finches  and sparrows… she put the peanuts in an open palm and small birds came and take the seeds.

Mine mum saw Mrs. Zorka ( we always call her like that even  those were times of Companions not Misses and Misters) as potential to make mine living in Maribor more interesting. So once, she promised me that in a case, I will be a “good girl” whatever that should mean, I can go for walk with her and her dogs.  For the first  try we found Mrs. Zorka in the park and I was in 7 heavens  petting Biba, feeding birds and talked with her.  Mine mum made an agreement that I can accompany her for a walk each Saturday and Sunday, if weather would be fine, which I understood as “not a heavy rain”. Under that circumstances Maribor became dissent place to live.

From Zorka I learned a lot about about nature and animals.  She was a very good gardener and raised beautiful roses in the backyard.  She feed pigeons daily and it was amazing to see her, always with a complete make up, manicured , smoking  cigarette surrounded by birds.

Also other people knew about her passion for animals and so happened that somebody left a small, a month old puppy in front of the house door.  Of course Zorka took her  and named her Bucka (pumpkin) .  Many times I took Bucka at our apartment and play with her.  I asked mine parents and Zorka, if we can keep her, but Zorka already promised her to young girl living across the street. Days go by and situation stayed unchanged. Bucka lived with Biba and Zorka and spend afternoons at our home. It was great, until she got ill.  The only vaccination those times was against rabbis and a lot of young dogs got other diseases. Vet could not help her and I spent hours watching her lying on the backyard and slowly dying. It was a nightmare, I could not do anything else as watching her, until Zorka did not brought her inside.  When she died,  she did not want to tell me. She kept telling that Bucka is in Austrian animal hospital and she is stable….

The same time Bucka got ill, a young puppy mixed with hunting breed was left in a park. She wandered around for days and was a bit afraid of the people. One of mine schoolmates  catch her and brought her home, but when her parents discovered that, she was back in the park. I told Zorka about her and she manage to catch her and brought her home. She called mine mum and they somehow “agree” that she will stay with Zorka to see if she is healthy and after we will take her. She named her Baja.

Once per day I took her in the park and she spends afternoons at our home. Weeks passed and I kept waiting, when  she will finally move in. One day, Zorka came for a visit and they drunk a coffee with mine mum while I play with Baja. At one point she mentioned: ” Is it not good that we share Baja, like that? It is half mine and half yours?” I did not say anything, for me it was everything clear and story completed. I was aware that she will never gave Baja to me.

From that day, I start torturing mine parents again  to get mine own dog and finally we got Barry.

Zorka kept Biba and Baja and once Baja escaped during she was in season.  As a result there two beautiful  pups born. Buci and Belci. All 4 dogs lived happy with Zorka for their entire life. After they crossed Rainbow bridge, Zorka did not had any dog any more, however she took care for all stray cats in the street for the rest of her life.

Zorka, was “The Lady”, unpredictable, extraordinary  with a big warm heart. It was an honour to have her in mine life.

Barry was responsible that I got keen on Tibetan Terriers. But before getting one of them, another breed needed to enter mine life.


Elsa Makus – the persian Cat

The representative of it was Elsa Makus, the Cat, more precisely the cat with Pedigree.

When I have been  studying in Ljubljana and sharing apartment with other students, I did not have mine own animal. Barry came occasionally due to eye checks by vet, but he only stayed a day or two.  Even student life was  full of all possible and impossible stuff and very busy, I more and more missed animal company. First I was thinking to get a dog, I start saving money, but the price of a TT seemed like “Mission impossible” those days. However, when I get enough for half of the TT,  I figured out that I can get a Cocker Spaniel for that amount. The only concern I had was that he would be spending too much time alone during  mine university lectures.

In the same time Zoo Market Price opened its store in Ljubljana. At the start they also sold animals there  and they had gorgeous litter of kittens. I come to visit them a few times per week and watch how they play. Slowly one after another, kittens moved into new homes and after a few weeks only two left. They were black with reddish tip ends and reminds me on Barry’s coat. They did not play so much as whole litter did, more or less watch visitors or slept. One day I decide to buy one of them. The price seems astronomic for me, same as for Cooker, but the vendor explain me, that is due to fact, they have a pedigree.  It was for the first time I saw how pedigree look and as a next step I got a Pedigree Cat.

I took her home in a small box and she behaved as a dog puppy,  not best trained and more independent puppy, but I general she came when called and liked to play with small toys.

Mine room-mate  liked her and owner of the apartment did not have anything against her.

Our adventures started already first nigh, when I went for a party and came home late in the evening. While I miss last bus, I was quite tired after walking a few kilometres  and went directly to bed. In the morning when I wake up  some strange “brrrrrr… brrrrrrrr…” noise was in mine head. “OMG, I have a hangover”, I was thinking, but that hangover was also a bit warm , soft and covered just one part of mine head. When I open mine eyes I recognise it was Eli sleeping on mine pillow near mine head.

She was a bit spoiled and liked to eat Whiskas  cat food. She learned to walk on harness and I took her for a walk when I visit grandparents or went home.  I even want to breed her, so find a Cat club and  enter two cat Show, so she got and excellent needed for pas breeding exam. During that time I already finish studies and live with mine grandparents and Auntie. Somehow mine grandmother was not so keen on cats as on dogs and strongly disagree with mine breeding plans. She told that we will end with a house fool of cats so in the and I postpone project.

Eli lived 14 years and spend more than half of her life with mine TT gang. Mostly she ignored them and only Arki was fool enough to chase her from time to time.


Pingsha Tibaraki – mine first TT

After getting mine diploma and start with regular job , I move in rented   apartment with mine boyfriend and Eli, the cat.  Finally we had place and time for a dog.  Mine Aunt breed her Aierdaile Terrier Nuda and I was suppose to get a pup from that combination, but unfortunately there were no puppies. I was checking other litters and it was available a litter of Skyy terriers, unfortunately without pedigrees.  The breeder told me , that I can get a pedigree for a pup, while both parents have it, but that that “stinks” to me. I called a fried with TT Nyba and ask for more “independent” information regarding that and she told me that her aunt Mira has a litter of TTs and some of them are still available.

I was astonished, called Mira and arrange for a visit. When we come, she recommend me two show potential males, but at the moment I heard that smallest TT lady called “Ballet Dancer”  was available, I want just her and nobody else.
Pina was   with its 34.5 cm height at the wither the smallest I’ve ever seen.

She was spoiled and  independent. She accompanied us everywhere, to the sea and on skiing.

Pina was the mother of our A litter, with  four beautiful pups.
When her pup Arki got ill and had to be constantly taken to the vet, I took him to Ljubljana and Pina has moved to mine mother in Maribor. Here she took the place of the single and most spoiled dog in the household. Our visits were always very happy, but when we went back, he prefers to be safe hidden in the mum’s living room. She often arrived in Ljubljana on holiday, but the most she like to be with mine mother. Unfortunately, the idyll lasted only a year. Pina died unexpectedly only 7 years old. When she was taking one of the walks with mine mum, she was unexpectedly attacked by a German shepherd. While she was on a leash, mine mum manage to hold her in her arms and the dog bite her and mum. Shepherd owner took mum and Pina to vets, but it was too late.

A woman who adopted her bitch from the shelter, filled terribly sorry for that could not help. Pina crossed the Rainbow bridge much to early.


Ch. Slo.Cro. Int. Vet. Jogini Arki Chembo

Arki teach me so many things and give me so much love, that I will never forget him. He was the only male in our A litter and lived with me, while he was constantly ill. Through searching vet who could operate him I meet a lot of wonderful people and made some friendships which still last even he is gone.

With Arki I experienced how is to raise a champion and win in a show ring, how is to enjoy great agility dog and how to start all over again after his car accident. It takes him 3 year of recovery, but after he wanted to run again and to escape with the same bitch in season as he did when accident occurred. At nearly 14 he took over “dog side” of raising puppy Demi and in the end he showed me, how to say goodbye. Such a great friend and I do believe there is a lot more fun under rainbow since he moved there.


Rombon Lho-la Lamleh

With mine first TT Pina, I discovered the world Tibetan breeds, get a TT “human” friends, with whom we are still friends after more than 20 years and I discovered “Lamleh” line of Tibetan Terriers. More about TT lines will be published under “Breed History”, on this place I would just say that I am keen on Lamleh due to their health predispositions ( no LL in that line) and their soundness. They develop latter than other lines, but in a case you are not a “Show Frick” that  is fine.

So I wanted a Lamleh male, to accompany mine Pina.  I made a reservation in a first expected litter of Lamlehs in Slovenia. When puppies arrived, their breeder called me and told me, there is one male, but it is already seen  not appropriate for future breeding. beside there were  two females. One was black & white. I immediately knew, she should belong to me.

I got Lola, when she was 8 weeks old and I wanted her to become foundation bitch in our small kennel.

We went to puppy school and she finished the class with amazing 97 points out of 100. It was fun and  I wanted to do more with her.  During the Summer I meet Aierdaile  terrier breeder who was also agility instructor and she told me about agility lessons. We joined and  I fond second big passion after TTs; Agility.

As you might be aware combination of TT & Agility is challenging  one.  TTs are not collies and as I like to express they know how to use their brain and that  is not always in line with their owners expectations.  So our agility journey started with downs, downs, downs…. ups, downs, downs…. and after years more and more ups. Main  problem was  speed. Lola knew all obstacles, but did not find any reason why to run the course in fool speed if you can do it in trotting way.  But once, when she figured out that running could be also fun, or more realistic she felt how much important that is for me, she did it and she did it really good! We enter highest agility level A3, when she was 9 years old and she did dissent job there.  Till she was nearly 13 we compete in oldies class and she did great. We stooped while she was getting deaf and did not hear mine commands.

However she was never keen on training agility. She might do a set of  obstacles or two and after jump on a table and leave Arki to do all trainings with me.

Lola had one litter with Jerry or officially Ch. Silghari Various.
Six puppies were born, unfortunately the smallest one Bumo, died two days after.  We need to revive her after birth and even Lola’s breeder told me might be better to leave her, I asked him to try. Latest I put her to Lola and rest of pups, but whenever I checked them  there were Lola and 5 pups together and small one alone. Lola moved all  litter away from her. I was angry, feed small Bumo every two hours and put her on heating mat in a small box. After two days, I just did not wake up after two hours, but four instead and little Bumo was dead. It was just not meant to stay with us. Lola knew it from the beginning and that was another lesson I learned from her: trust your feelings and do not play God against the Nature.

The rest of puppies did well and went to very good homes. Three of them were  sed by mine KTP friends for future breeding combinations and thanks to them I have today at home Demi, out of her blood lines.

We try to breed Lola one more times, but she really dislike the male and even we try  a few times, there was no mating between them.

Lola lived nearly 18 years and half. She was doing well till age of nearly 16, when some dementia signs  started to show, at the end her body was to tired and ready to go, but her mind was still with us. I took her the last trip to vet and stay with her till the end.

She lives further in her progeny and mine heart, mine once in a life time dog, mine Rainbow Lola.


From Lola To Demi

There are 3 generations between Lola and Demi and even  you can see development  regarding minor things like coat structure or more open character (even I do wonder if those things could be called improvements) the truth  type stays unchanged and today, when I look  Demi  I can  see Lola type in her,  which means a real, typical Tibetan Terrier.

As I already mention Lola had a litter of five puppies. The most promising  bitch called Basha, developed in agile, crazy TT lady. She passed breeding exam with an A2 ( best score which bitch without puppies can get), her hips were A1 / A1. She was breed with Rombon O-Thang, out of great English guy Ch. Silveridge Heckam Peckam and  Dge-Ltas Cog-Cog Pa Rombon (Lola’s mother), so there was a bit of line breeding there.

Out of that litter a  black  bitch Le Na (breeding exam A2, hips A1 / A1) was breed with Lost Valley Dga Tshor to Rombon, called Lar  (breeding exam A2, hips B / B) . Lar went to basic obedience school to one of mine agility friends and she told that he was the crezy and most playful TT she ever met.

Another small, compact black bitch out of that combination, Kaba (breeding exam A2, hips B / B, DNA test free) come to live near us to a family, whose younger  daughter is a school mate of mine daughter. They were best friends and they have same names, which is another coincidence. It was just a step till also parents of them meet and very soon find out that Lola is grand, grand mother of Kaba. We become friends and they were keen to breed Kaba. While I advise them about breeding exams and other tests, they ask me also about opinion regarding selecting a male. Among the suggestions from KTP it was also a Native import from Tibet Dge Lha of Khampa Kennel (breeding exam A2, hips B / B, DNA test clear) I was very fond of. They select him and for me it was clear sign that I have to get a puppy out of that combination.

Three beautiful, healthy  puppies resulted out of that combination. Sable male, black bitch and three colour black & ten bitch. Black & ten was first born and I knew from Day 1,  that she belongs to our gang. There are things, you just feel in your stomach and there is no use to double check them .


Ch. De-Miy Dratag Dgelha

Demi  – or “the Dog I need”

controversial “Dog Trainer” Cesar Milan wrote in one of his articles that: “You don’t get the dog You want, You get the dog You need”. I wanted a dog, who would be nearly so crazy on doing agility  as I am, but to get there I need a dog, who was able to teach me as much as possible about building relationship, motivation, play and finally building The Team.

It was a time, when I was thinking about getting Border Collie, but when first Native TT was imported from Tibet, it was clear that I will not switch the breeds, at least not yet. I was hoping that Native TTs will have more “working”  capabilities and when the option showed that Native TT will be crossed with progeny of mine Lola, decision was done, I have to get a puppy out of this combination. And Demi was among one out of 3 results out of it.

I visited her regularly since she was 3 days old and she already did some sort of  growling at me, when I took her in mine hands. All puppies in the litter were playful, however Demi was the most. Unfortunately I was not  familiar with playing games enough and try to raise her following mainly collie agility trainers  guidelines. But TT is not quite comparable to BC, especially when talk about “willingness to please”. I notice that by joining Silvia’a Trkman puppy class, where we were way behind our mainly collie  schoolmates. Even though Silvia is among one of the greatest trainers I know, she was not able to do homework instead of us, which means build solid foundation base as a start.

On top of that, I was so keen to do agility again, we start “with serious” obstacles trainings much to soon.

It was definitely not something Demi was keen to do. She was able to leave the course or be very slow on it and while I was so focused on agility, our basic obedience skills were never really build to efficient level.  We re-enter puppy school, when she was a “teenager” and here she first started to play to distress during breaks we had.

I had also some serious thinking to add an Aussie as a new  member in our gang. I  meet some great Aussie people and some really nice dogs. After all research I found out that due to mine job obligations and lack of time it would be quite difficult to have an Aussie at home.

So instead of that, we develop play to next level  by entering  Let’s Play long distance class lead by Polona Bonoč, prolong it into Let’s Play Agility class and  train agility with our most patient  agility trainer Daša Zakotnik. During the winter, we joined  In-hall training lead by another great teacher Katarina Podlipnik, so now we are finally getting there. If I put it more precisely, there is a light in the end of the tunnel, but there is still a long way to get there!

Even it does not read so, agility training is not the largest part of our activities. Demi is mine hiking and jogging companion on almost daily bases. We also try herding I am keen to do it more often, while we both like it.

Demi also earned the title of Slovenian beauty champion, but to be honest, showing is not mine “favourite” activity, while there is so much another fun stuff we can do. Actually, we can join all activities “real working dogs” are doing, just need a bit more time and patience for them. The most important is, to have fun during the journey, not just rush to get the result.