we are planning to breed Demi next year. Her father is a Native TT imported from Tibet, so Demi has some Watchdog genes from Nomad ancestors. She owns title Slovenian beauty champion, we are competing in agility A1 medium level. We also tried herding and nose work.

Ch. Silghari Various x Rombon Lho-La Lamleh

there were 6 pups as result of breeding between Lola and Jerry. Unfortunately the smallest one died after two days. The rest grow in a healthy, typical representatives of the breed. Three of them were used in further breeding program and Demi is result of the further breeding of white bitch called Basha. On the pictures you can see parents and puppies as small dogs 3 and 8 weeks old and the grown one.

Ch. A-Mas Shar Chag Med Pa x Pingsha Tibaraki

There were four healthy puppies in the litter. Three females and one male. All grow into typical breed representatives. Arki come back home and he was great agility and show dog, earning several titles.